3 hours


This is a walk through a wooded mountain with beautiful views of all the Cinque Terre on one side and as far as Portofino on the other.
Most of the walk is at around 300 m above sea level so it’s breezy.
Before beginning the descent towards Monterosso, it is worth stopping at Punta Mesco with its beautiful views of the Cinque Terre.

3 hours


This is one of our favourtite walks as it offers some of the most spectacular views of the Ligurian coastline and the Cinque Terre.
From the Inn you walk up 5 km to the oldest Sanctuary in Liguria, Santuario di Soviore by following the main road.
At the back of the church, follow a path which leads up to the road again.
After about 2 km there is a clear indication on the right for path 8b.
The path winds smoothly across hills overlooking the sea.
A fire that raged through roughly 10 years ago, burned all the trees which have now been replaced by Mediterranean bushes.
Due to its south-west exposure and lack of trees, this walk is wonderful in all seasons except the hot days of July and August.
Just before reaching the Madonna di Reggio, there is a beautiful view of Vernazza.
Madonna di Reggio, with its shaded courtyard, is a good place for a rest before takingthe wide, cobbled path down to Vernazza.
On your way down you will walk by Vernazza‘s beautiful cemetery which, perched high above the sea, offers some of the best views of the town.

12 hours


In August of 2007, Fabio and I walked from La Sosta di Ottone III to Porto Venere.
The footpath is the n.1, Alta Via delle Cinque Terre.
It was clean and very well marked.
Most of the walk was shaded by pine and leafy chestnut trees and between 400 and 750 m above sea level so the temperature was fresh and breezy.
It took us a total 12 hours.
Once in Portovenere, we then took a bus to La Spezia and the train back to Levanto.
Should you not wish to do the whole walk, there are plenty of opportunities to walk down to any of the Cinque Terre towns by taking one of the perpendicular paths that start from the n.1.
In the winter, for example, there isn’t enough daylight to do the whole walk in one day and I turned off for one of the Cinque Terre towns at round 3.30 pm.

Manarola – Corniglia – Volastra – Riomaggiore

These footpaths are not used very often so are not as well marked but as you’re simply heading down towards the sea, it isn’t that easy to get lost.
Furthermore, there are breathtaking views of the Cinque Terre as you walk down towards the village you’ve chosen as your destination.